Powder Coatings

Instead of using a wet paint system, coatings can be applied using powder. Since their introduction in the sixties, systems of this type have taken over an ever increasing share of the market for articles which can be baked in an oven.


  Thermosetting Powders

The most commonly used systems are based on epoxy, polyester and polyurethane. In spite of their popularity in solvent and emulsion based paint systems, the acrylic have not so far had an impact on the powder market. The pure epoxy systems can be used where continuous immersion in water is required. One of the advantages of powder application is that thicker coatings may be applied.


  Thermoplastic Powders

Some plastics not available in paint systems can be applied using powder coating techniques. Examples are polyethylene, nylon and PVDF. These have good corrosion resistance and can be more than half a millimeter thick provided the substrate has sufficient heat capacity. PVDF coatings have exceptional abrasion resistance.