CAW Coatings was established in 1968 and has over 30 years experience in PTFE Coating and Powder Coating and was one of the first companies to apply PTFE coating in South Africa. The name CAW is derived from the initial letters of corrosion resistant, anti-stick and wear resistant and operates as custom coaters.  
  PTFE and Powder coating can be found today performing and meeting the demands in the following industries: Molding, Tooling, Paper, Plastic and Material Handling, Packaging, Food and Candy Processing, Cutting Knifes, Labeling, Welding, Moulds, Glue and Adhesives, Paint, Foam and Maintenance.  
  The present owner of the business, Mr. Les Naylor acquired the company in 1994 and is able to offer knowledgeable expertise in any advanced surface technology. The company is Pinetown based and services the greater Durban area. Currently it employs 20 staff members in its plant and office providing fast and professional service to its existing clients.  



The following facilities exist at our factory in Pinetown

  • Degreasing, de-rusting and the application of zinc phosphate pre treatment

  • Grit blasting using aluminum oxide

  • Application of powder by fluidised bed and electrostatic spray

  • The baking of articles up to 430C.



  Caw Coating offers the following:  
PTFE Coating

Powder Coating

High Temperature / Non Stick All weather / Corrosion Resistance Industrial / Automotive

Textile Rollers


Industrial Release Moulds


Cookware / Bakeware Food Approved


Sweet Moulds

Food Processing